Copyright © 2013 Eagle Pool & Spa, Inc.  All Rights Reserved Your Home Relaxation Specialists        Since 1968 One of the best parts of any vacation is the relaxing time spent alone or with a “significant other”.  Chances are, some of that time was spent getting a massage or soaking in a spa or hot tub, just whiling away the time, without a care in the world.  Returning to our busy lives, we think to ourselves  “Oh boy, do I  wish I was there again!” The truth is, you can have that relaxing, rejuvenating sensation anytime you desire.  Soaking for your health can be an every day indulgence. The heat, buoyancy and massage elements of a spa can provide a number of health benefits. People with nagging aches or pains, stiff muscles, circulation problems, headaches, sleep disturbances and chronic medical conditions like diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and arthritis may alleviate their symptoms and stimulate healing with spa therapy. Spas are more affordable than ever. Innovations in shell materials such as roto-molding cut material costs and new framing and insulation designs both cut energy and servicing costs by better conserving heat and improving component access. At Eagle Pool & Spa we have spas to fit any budget and the most favorable financing options we’ve ever had at our disposal. Choosing and caring for a spa can seem a little daunting.  Rest assured that we’ve taken steps to make your purchase and spa care easy and uncomplicated.   Both of our locations have many filled and working models that we maintain ourselves as well as unfilled models that allow you to try them either wet or dry. Because an informed decision is a confident decision, all of our sales staff have years of “hands on” experience  in caring for spas.  We use proven methods for maintaining our spas ensuring we are better informed to educate our customers.  We carry all of the products you’ll need as well as a computerized testing station to alleviate any guesswork in maintaining your spa.   Your success is our goal and we are here to help whenever the need arises.  All over the world, people are tapping into the health benefits of a spa more ways than ever before.